Live well, Love openly, Laugh often!

We all need to be heard especially when we’re struggling or hurting.  To really be heard gives us the opportunity to explore where we are and how we feel without judgment.  We can focus on where we are stuck and try to remedy that rather than getting caught up in the shoulds and shouldn’ts of others. The therapy space is a safe space just for you where you can express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

I approach each session with a sincere interest in how you perceive the world around you, what dialogue you maintain around these perceptions and how all of this affects the way you live your day to day life.  My base approach stems from Narrative therapy; the stories we tell, the language we use, plays a deep role in how we process our world.  We are all connected by the human experience but we experience it in a truly uniquely us way.  This give us the opportunity to tailor each session accordingly and utilize other forms of therapy that can be just as helpful in addressing your needs and concerns.

To Book an appointment with Shannon or to have a brief conversation to see if she is a good match for you please contact her directly at info@shannongordon.ca or 778-888-1915.

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