Live well, love openly, laugh often!

We all need to be heard, especially when we’re struggling or hurting.  When we are really heard, we are given the opportunity to explore our past and present, and focus on our challenges. The insight that follows allows us to address the feeling of being stuck rather than getting caught up in the judgement of others. The space created in therapy provides a safe place to explore who we are, identify our patterns, gain a better understanding of what makes us unique, and allows us to make changes.  This is accomplished by building a trusting relationship between the client and therapist in a collaborative and supportive environment.

I approach each session with a sincere interest in how you perceive the world around you, the dialogue you maintain around these perceptions, and how all of this affects the way you live your life.  After all, you are the expert of your own life!  My base approach stems from Narrative Therapy; the stories we tell and the language we use play a deep role in how we process our world.  Although we are all connected by the human experience, each of us perceives the world in a different way, and through different filters.  As we achieve an understanding of your inner self, I can tailor each session to your specific needs by offering different techniques or therapy styles that will allow you to get the most of our time together.

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